We've worked with Barclays, The Metropolitan Police, The Youth Sports Trust and The British Book Awards to name but a few. Our events coverage has involved formal occassions attended by members of the Royal family, aswell as political events such as People's Question Time with the Mayor of London.

Below is a selection from our diverse range of video work.

Terraco Brand Promo

Terraco came to us to help them explain how they function on a global level. HVP Studios operated as project managers, sourcing footage from around the world to create a video showcasing their brand.


We hired a London studio to film this series of videos for vInspired - a leading British youth organisation. The videos exhibit the latest filming techniques together with 3D graphics.

Here are 2 examples from the 18 videos we produced.

Mistress of Wine

Sam The Mistress of Wine asked us to produce a promotional video for her website. She wanted it to show off the exciting and quirky nature of her company.

We used stop frame animation and graphics all produced in house to help explain what she does, giving the video a unique feel.

SJA Awards 2016

Each year the SJA host two major sports awards ceremonies. We have been producing their press release highlights for several years now and this is the latest example, shot in the Tower of London and featuring a host of sporting stars.

MET Passing Out Parades

HVP Studios have been producing videos of Police Passing Out Parades for over 20 years. This is an advert video for the Metropolitan Police, showing what can be expected from our DVD of the event, which documents the whole day.

We film, edit, manufacture, sell and distribute the DVDs entirely in-house.

Heathfield Windows

Heathfield Windows, a local company, asked us to produce a series of videos to be used on thier new website. The aim was to showcase the companies many products and services to potental clients. We scripted, filmed, edited and supplied the video in a web format.

"The videos have been a great sales tool, with fewer wasted leads and the client being so much better informed about the products."
- Ian Hudson, Heathfield Windows MD

Skin and Laser

The Tunbridge Wells Skin and Laser Clinic offers its clients a large range of Aesthetic skin treatments. In an on-going project, we are creating a series of videos, explain what's involved in each treatment, to be used on the clinics website and in it's waiting room.

Working alongside the clinic, HVP Studios are responsible for all scripting, interviewing, filming, editing, graphics, music and voice over.


Marocana are a group of musicians specialising in flamenco and latin styles. They wanted a promotional video to use on their website and YouTube which captured the feel and energy of their music.

The video will be used to create awareness and promote sales of their CDs. HVP studios had full creative control of all aspects of this project.


HVP Studios were asked to document the British Association of Removers' 2012 conference.

The video was designed to capture the overall atmosphere of the event, and encourage participation in future conferences. The finished video was posted on the BAR website.

Brighton Jive

Brighton Jive are a dance school based in the Brighton area, specialising in 1940s and 50s style Jive.

They commissioned us to create the concept and then film, edit, and produce a chaptered instructional DVD based on their unique curriculum. This example shows just a small part of the finished DVD.

High Rocks

The High Rocks is a local venue and tourist attraction in the southeast of England just outside Tunbridge Wells.

HVP Studios created a promotional video showing all The High Rocks has to offer to the visitor.

Spray Systems

This silent video was produced as a DVD loop to be used on a trade stand.

The manufacturing video was filmed on location in the companies factory and research Labs in Belguim, and shows a new chocolate spraying system in operation.

British Book Awards

HVP Studios are often asked to make short videos for audio-visual presentations and awards evenings. Here we have one of a series of shortlists created for the annual British Book Awards.

It was supplied as an AVI file to be added to the live presentation.

London Balboa Dance Festival

HVP Studios are often asked to produce sell-through videos for specialist events. This example shows the introduction of the London Balboa Dance Festival DVD.

This video was also used to promote the festival to a wider audience and encourage participation in future events. We filmed, edited and produced the video, and were also responsible for all the graphical elements. Once complete, we printed and copied a large quantity of DVDs.

Summer Magic

HVP Studios are able to produce multi-camera recordings of all kinds of theatrical shows, and then assist in selling the DVDs to the public.

Summer Magic is a small promo of one such show, recorded live with two cameras, edited, and then copied on to multiple DVDs supplied in printed presentation boxes.

Music 4 Art

'Music 4 Art' wanted a unique and creative video for their website.

Inspired by the glass painting films of Picasso this is what we created for them.
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